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Carmela Toro.


I am a visual communicator who began my career in Venezuela. My professional journey led me to Mexico, where I experienced tremendous growth, earning recognition on national TV and collaborating with exceptional clients. Building a substantial online presence with over 200k followers opened doors of opportunity. Currently, I am based in Spain, continuing my creative endeavors


I launched my career as an illustrator with the publication of my first book under Editorial Porrua in 2020. This achievement propelled me to feature prominently at FILIJ, the largest children's book fair that year. Collaborations followed with renowned brands like Telemundo and NBC Universal. I further enriched my portfolio with the publication of my second book. Amassing a dedicated following of over 200k on social media, I now proudly offer my expertise through a Domestika course.

Armed with a degree in graphic design from Venezuela, it has been the consistent thread weaving through my diverse career. From various projects to every professional endeavor, design has played a pivotal role. Presently, my focus is directed towards the realms of branding and digital marketing, where I continue to channel my passion and expertise.

My journey as a storyboard artist began with crafting immersive experiences for Cocolab in Mexico. Since then, I've ventured into freelance work, consistently contributing my skills to create compelling visual narratives.

I ventured into animation in 2017 in Colombia, where I undertook a project for the Museum of Oro in Bogota. In Mexico, I took the reins of a comprehensive campaign for Morbido TV's channel. My animation journey has included collaborations with notable clients such as Xcaret, Netflix, and others, showcasing my passion for bringing stories to life through dynamic visuals.


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