Inmersive Experience

In collaboration with  COCOLAB, México
Project in progress*
TULUM unfolds as a captivating and immersive nocturnal spectacle within the ancient archaeological site of Tulum, Mexico. This innovative nighttime show serves as a mesmerizing portal into the rich tapestry of the once-thriving ancient civilization that graced these hallowed grounds. Through the artful integration of videomapping, animation, light shows, and atmospheric audio, TULUM breathes life into the dormant stones, revealing the customs, traditions, and legends of a bygone era.

My contribution to this extraordinary project involved crafting the storyboard for the user experience. It was a unique opportunity to weave a narrative that seamlessly guides spectators through the unfolding story, offering them a profound connection to the historical essence of Tulum. The collaborative effort endeavors to transport visitors to a different realm, transforming the archaeological site into a nocturnal canvas that not only educates but also evokes a new emotional resonance. TULUM promises an unforgettable journey, where the ancient whispers of the past are illuminated with the modern magic of storytelling and technology.

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